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In the foam field, most of them are mainly traditional TDI foam, and the shortcomings of this type of raw material foam are less friendly to the manufacturing environment and people, and are also highly regulated chemical raw materials and manufacturing industries.

European countries have begun to replace the old TDI foam manufacturing process with the MDI process foam. Although the cost is slightly higher, MDI is a better alternative and option for the people and the environment to be extended to the user.



AirCloud™ technology foam combines the characteristics of MDI to lay the standard for a new generation of foam for the health and safety of the human body. In addition to the lower harm to the manufacturing environment and users, it also provides comfortable and durable products. Performance, and can provide meticulous soft and hard, fast rebound, slow rebound, hydrophilic characteristics, more suitable for Taiwan’s climate and usage habits.

Companies that use AirCloud™ technology as their main product, in order to thank you, we will provide the right to use all international certification content books and brand logos, I believe that can bring better brand benefits to your company, but also help improve The environment of the foam manufacturing industry.

The AirCloud™ technical team is in line with the world’s advanced technology and European environmental protection trends, and only uses internationally renowned manufacturers such as Covestro (Costron, former Bayer MaterialScience), Japan COSMONATETM (Mitsui), Huntsman Corp. (Hansman). ), the United States DowDuPont Inc. (Dow DuPontTM), Germany BASF (BASF) imported raw material foam as one of the standards, providing the foam industry to provide better product performance and choice, for the sake of the beautiful earth!

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AirCloud™技術團隊為與世界先進技術及歐洲環保趨勢接軌,統一僅採用國際知名大廠德國Covestro(科思創,原德國拜耳)、日本COSMONATE™(三井)、美國Huntsman Corp.(亨斯邁)、美國DowDuPont Inc.(陶氏杜邦™)、德國BASF(巴斯夫)之進口原料發泡作為標準之一,除了提供泡棉產業提供更好的產品性能與選擇之外,為了美好地球,也仍持續不遺餘力的努力著!

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